Carreiras na Equinix

Life at Equinix

Carreiras na Equinix

The Magic of Equinix

Our culture is at the heart of our success and it’s our authentic, humble, gritty people who create the Magic of Equinix. They share a passion for winning and put the customer at the center of everything they do.

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Carreiras na Equinix

Total Rewards

We offer globally competitive rewards to attract and retain the world’s best talent, and provide exceptional programs to meet the needs of a multigenerational workforce.

Carreiras na Equinix

Serving Others

We believe we can do well by doing good, and giving back is just part of who we are. We support and match our employees’ contributions to amplify their impact.

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Explore Careers at Equinix

Find opportunities to build a successful career in an innovative, fast-growing environment that is transforming business around the world.

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Carreiras na Equinix

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Opportunities for Veterans

We believe the dedication and team spirit our veterans have to offer are the qualities that will help Equinix drive digital transformation around the globe.

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University Relations

Be a part of Equinix whether it’s your first job or an internship and make an impact in colocation, where mobile, social and cloud technology trends are coming together to change industries - and change the world.

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Carreiras na Equinix

Get to Know Us

  • Wellington Lordelo – Senior Vertical Marketing Analyst

    Wellington Lordelo

    “I love what I do, and I love what we do. We connect, protect and power the digital economy”

  • Aman Dhingra – Marketing

    Aman Dhingra

    “The team at Equinix is fun, they are enthusiastic, they are passionate, they are driven. They make staying at Equinix fun. They make Equinix what it is.”

  • Ramon Ooms – Assistant Manager

    Ramon Ooms

    “We stand for each other. That’s the team spirit we have. That is what I love about my work.”

  • Allison Daley – Risk Management Analyst

    Allison Daley

    “Equinix really has that family dynamic, it’s a culture that has embraced me.”

Os funcionários elegíveis estão convidados a participar de nosso Plano de Compra de Ações para Funcionários (ESPP, na sigla em inglês). Funcionários que moram no Reino Unido, Alemanha e Holanda, favor buscar mais informações na Página do Prospecto UE

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