Saint John Data Center IBX®

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Equinix Ghost Map Lines
  • Destaques do IBX

    Learn about Equinix SJ1 carrier-neutral data center, located at 7 McIntosh Street in Saint John, Canada. See our interconnection options, services and more. At the SJ1 data center, Equinix customers in Saint John can connect to Eastern Canada, New England and Western Europe. It is ideal for wholesale and disaster recovery (DR) solutions and retail and virtual data services. It houses important business ecosystems for cloud, enterprise and network providers.

  • Redundância energética

    • N+1
  • Redundância de refrigeração

    • N+1
  • Certificações

    • Consulte a ficha técnica para mais informações.
  • Facilidades

    • Staging Area
    • Kitchen/Breakroom
    • Hoteling Stations
    • Wifi
    • Board Room
    • Server/Equipment Lift
    • Crash Carts
    • Washrooms

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