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Verizon Data Centers are now a part of Equinix

In April 2017, Equinix announced the acquisition of 29 Verizon data center colocation facilities spanning across metro markets in the U.S. and Latin America, including key facilities in Culpeper, Miami and Bogota. Today, Equinix is the world’s largest interconnection platform — currently totaling 200 data centers across 52 markets in more than 24 countries.


Expanding Your Digital Edge

The Verizon acquisition extends our platform in key markets and accelerates our efforts in the government and energy sectors. Direct interconnection to this growing ecosystem of customers and partners enables transformative access to all your people, locations, clouds and data — expanding your competitive advantage at the digital edge.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Platform Equinix™ - Where Opportunity Connects

Equinix is the largest interconnection and colocation platform service provider in the world.


Unmatched Global Data Centers

With 200 data centers in 52 markets on five continents, we're anywhere you need to be.


Leading Interconnection Solutions

We enable more than 333,000+ connections between our customers, making us the world's leading global interconnection platform.


Vibrant Business Ecosystems

9,800+ customers converge within Equinix, putting you within reach of the partners and customers you need to speed growth and uncover opportunity.


Consistently Proven Expertise

The Equinix name isn't trusted just because of our longevity, it's trusted because of our proven performance and unmatched experience.

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