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Equinix – Viabilizando um governo interconectado

The increased focus on modernization and digital transformation in government is driving demand for the platform layer of digital services. Data centers are central to this layer as long as they operate as part of a digital ecosystem that shifts the fundamental delivery architecture of IT from siloed and centralized to distributed and interconnected.

Benefits of an interconnected government:

  • Analítica de dados mediante pedido
  • Aplicações de distribuição aos usuários
  • Leve a nuvem aos dados
  • Disaster recovery and continuity of operations

Government agencies have had difficulty escaping the legacy of systems built over decades, and the exponential growth in information produced and collected by government led to a historic rise in federally-owned and operated data centers. Cost and energy savings were among the primary drivers for closing or optimizing these facilities, but it was the added motivation to simultaneously improve government services that compelled government IT leaders to push for a move to cloud environments.

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